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Monday, February 10, 2014


The intent of this blog is to give back... to the many people who have posted incredibly useful information on the web that was there when I needed it. I tend to delve into various technical topics, and would like to share my findings when I believe they will be useful to  others.

My current subject of study has been Windows 8 (or specifically 8.1), of which terrible reviews were being communicated.   I wanted to find out for myself what was the problem, as I had several XP computers that would no longer be supported.

What I found is that Microsoft design team had developed an excellent operating system in Windows 8... far better and faster than previous OS's... BUT, the group that determined how it would be presented to the customer as a default installation on PC's and Laptops totally messed up.

Through a lot of research and testing, I found how this can be overcome - quite easily - and how to set up your computer to enjoy, not avoid, the many functions and features of Windows 8.1.
Check out the following and find out for yourself:

As other subjects catch my eye, I hope to share them as well.

Thanks for listening.



  1. You're information is always good. Looking forward to the blog!

  2. Great idea! Maybe you can add a suggestions thread, to which we can request all the stuff we'd like to pick your brain about. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Len- thank you for creating a blog that can benefit so many people. Your information is useful, thorough and trustworthy, as you have no hidden motivation in your suggestions. I struggled with Windows 8 and the idiosyncrasies of the operating system until I learned to change some settings. Your blog will surely save many people countless hours and a few headaches.

    Thank you for your valuable information. Take care - Marc R.