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Utilities for Windows 10

 Click on link, then download file using the down arrow at the top of page

After download, extract the folder by right-click: extract all...

  • TileIconifier for Custom Win10 Tile Creation
    This neat little utility allows you to create tiles and assign any image of any size to them.

  • Pin Shortcut Files to Start Screen  
    Batch files to fix Microsoft's lack of pinning shortcuts, to the Start screen. Pin to Start will appear in right-click context menu. Useful for creating web address tiles.

  • Remove Shortcut Tag  
    Batch files to remove "Shortcut" tag from created shortcuts.

           DID YOU KNOW you can create a shortcut by click-dragging the file while holding the
           ALT key?

  • Shortcuts for User Folder
    Easy access to files that are pasted on your Start Screen.  Download (a zip file will be created), double-click, open folder and drag into your User folder.

  • Icon Files
    Use to create your own custom Web Tiles


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